A downloadable game

Game Objective: Clear out enemies and rescue hostages

Install instructions



Left click to shoot

WASD Movement

Spacebar to jump



Unzip file -> WindowsNoEditor -> OpenFire.exe


Unzip file -> WindowsNoEditor -> OpenFire -> Binaries -> Win64 -> OpenFire-Win64-Shipping.exe


WindowsNoEditor.7z 380 MB


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Game works well enough, but I think you could have done some health regeneration or health pack pickups. Also, you should have some kind of magazine or ammo count on the gun. The AI also needs to be a little bit less immediate on spotting you.

Thank-you for the feedback.

Pretty good, AIs could patrol but be a bit less accurate, and you could texture the level and prevent the player from walking off into the distance

Thanks rooster6050 for the feedback.